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About Us

The Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB) is leading non-profit trade association that offers a pathway to help your business succeed in the US and India. Founded in 2004, AUSIB continues to be instrumental in building the bridges of business cooperation between the two countries. Business opportunities in India and the US are abundant. However you need to channelize your efforts in such a way that starting a business turns out to be an uncomplicated and interesting affair. AUSIB helps you do that.

AUSIB seeks to augment investment flows and trade between the US and India and open new channels of communication between business and government leaders. AUSIB steers the wheel to accelerate every stage of the new ventures - starting from how to set up business ranging to looking for business partners/business partnerships. The association has played a pivotal role in expanding bilateral trade in key sectors such as information technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, media & entertainment, and renewable energy.

We closely work with policymakers in both the countries to advance legislation promoting bilateral trade and the US-India investment framework. AUSIB has spearheaded efforts to reduce trade barriers, increase bilateral import-export business opportunities, eliminate bottlenecks in immigration and employment policies, mitigate business risks via strategic road maps, and facilitate cultural understanding. Exports and imports, export procedure, and import how to - AUSIB supports you at every possible juncture; AUSIB's business consulting services go a long way to make your journey comfortable in a foreign land.

AUSIB works with member companies to generate bottom-line results that drive business forward. We draw our strength from the influential Indian-American community, which serves as the foundation for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. The growing success of the Indian-American community, coupled with an unparalleled resource and an impressive contact base, makes AUSIB a bilateral organization with an impressive track record. Business management consultancy, business marketing strategy, organizing business delegations, joint venture agreements (JVA) and even at times business advertising, we focus on diverse aspects that lead to business expansion and higher return on investment (ROI).

As an independent, bipartisan trade body, we effectively represent both US and Indian companies. India anticipates accelerated US-India trade relations, and sees the robust Indian-American community as a principal factor in making the US India’s largest trading partner. Business opportunities in India far outweigh the investment in India; there is tremendous growth and a vast scope for investment in the country. The new age India Company Incorporation is altogether a transformed world and offers plenteous prospects of trading.

We provide an extensive network of contacts in the political, legal, and business arenas in both the countries. We facilitate the building of new business relationships by bringing the industry or state government-led delegations to the US and India. These delegations provide businesses with an opportunity to explore, network, and build relationships without committing themselves to a long-term presence.

AUSIB is co-chaired by Mr. Arun Shourie (Former Indian Disinvestment Minister) and Mr. Salman Khurshid (Indian Minister of State for Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs).

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